The Australian War Crimes trials and Investigations (1942- 51)

Sissons, D C S



In January 1942 the governments-in-exile of the countries under Nazi occupation issued the Declaration of St James in which they adopted as a principal war aim the punishment of those responsible for ordering, perpetrating or participating in war crimes and resolved to ensure that they be sought out, handed over to justice and judged. The United States and British governments associated themselves with these objectives and, to facilitate their implementation, on 8 August 1942 proposed the setting up of a United Nations War Crimes Commission (U.N.W.C.C.) whose functions would include the preliminary examination of charges against individual war criminals for extradition for trial by the Ally laying the charges. Australia on 8 December 1942 made application to join the U.N.W.C.C. as an original member.
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