War Crimes and Their Motivation: The Socio-Psychological Structure of the SS and the Criminalization of a Society

Alexander, Leo


Volume: 39 Issue: 3
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology


War crimes are crimes committed with group approval. The main approving and instigating group in Germany during the Nazi regime was the SS (Scutz-Staffel). This article delve into the investigating the details of the working of the SS group , it's motivation, working policy, its strength and weakness in context of objective of the party

The article was read in part at the 75th anniversary meeting of the Nederlandsche Vereinigung Voor Psychiatry en Neurologie, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 12 June 1947 a t the meeting of the Boston Society of Psychiatry and Neurology on 16 October 1947, at the First American Medical Congress, in St Louis, Missouri, on 20 January 1948, and at the meeting of the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society, in Boston, on 29 January 1948.

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