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Genocide in Bangladesh

Rounaq Jahan


Written three decades after the genocide, this book-Chapter addresses the following: the historical forces that led to the genocide, the nature of the genocide (why, how and who committed the genocide), the world response, the long-range impact of genocide on the victims, the way the genocide is remembered today, and some lessons that can be drawn from the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide.…

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Death by Government (Chapter 13)

R.J Rummel


Transaction Publishers

Nominated for the Gravemeyer Award in 1995, Death by Government is R. J. Rummel’s fourth book in a series devoted to genocide and government mass murder, or what he calls democide. It will be an essential tool for historians, political scientists, etc. ‘…

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Blood and Soil – A World history of Genocide and Extermination from Sparta to Durfar

Ben Kiernan


Yale University Press

The epilogue of the book references to the Genocide on Bangladesh performed by the Pakistan Army, General Tikka Khan’s contemplation and execution of ‘final solution’, General Niazi’s admittance of March, 1971 killings (“..equivalent to the Jalianwalahbagh massacre in the Punjab by the British in 1919”) and Al Qaida’s denial of the 1971 massacre on behalf of Pakistan.…

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Washington Quartet: The General Who Lost a Country

Ali Tariq


The Duel: Pakistan on the Flight Path of American Power

In this chapter the author talks about the Pakistani regime in East Pakistan and the role of different actors. The author gives his opinion regarding the leadership of both East and West Pakistani leadership.…

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Archives news reports, opinions, editorials published in different media outlets from around the world on 1971, International Crimes Tribunal and the justice process.

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For the sake of ICT’s legacy this documentation project archives, and preserves proceeding-documents, e.g., judgments, orders, petitions, timelines.

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Brings at fingertips academic materials in the areas of law, politics, and history to facilitate serious research on 1971, Bangladesh, ICT and international justice.

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This archive records from memory the nine-month history of 1971 as experienced and perceived by individuals from all walks of life.