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Rape in War: the Humanitarian Response

Shanks, L and S, Michael J


WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE VULNERABLE to sexual violence in times of conflict, and the risk persists even after they have escaped the conflict area. The impact of rape goes far beyond the immediate effects of the physical attack and has long-lasting consequences. We describe the humanitarian community’s response to sexual violence and rape in times of war and civil unrest by drawing on the experiences of
Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders and other humanitarian agencies. Health care workers must have a keen awareness of the problem and be prepared to
respond appropriately. This requires a comprehensive intervention protocol, including antibiotic prophylaxis, emergency contraception, referral for psychological support,
and proper documentation and reporting procedures. Preventing widespread sexual violence requires increasing the security in refugee camps. It also requires speaking out and holding states accountable when violations of international law occur. The challenge is to remain alert to these often hidden, but extremely destructive, crimes in the midst of a chaotic emergency relief setting.…

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From Nuremberg to Darfur: Accountability for Crimes Against Humanity (Part 1 of 3)



(Part 1: First 32 pages) This is a congressional hearing of the Committee on the judiciary United States Senate, before the subcommittee om human rights and the law. It was held during the second session of one hundred tenth congress. This is a document for the use of the committee on the judiciary. It contains statements of senators from different states who were in the subcommittee.…

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বাংলাদেশের স্বাধীনতা যুদ্ধ – দলিলপত্র – সপ্তম খন্ড – ৫

হাসান হাফিজুর রহমান(ed.)


বাংলাদেশের স্বাধীনতা যুদ্ধ – দলিলপত্র – সপ্তম খন্ড – পাকিস্তানী দলিলপত্র
১৯৭১ এবং ১৯৭২ সালে পাকিস্তানী সরকারী এবং বেসরকারী দলিলপত্র (প্রেসনোট, অর্ডিন্যান্স, পত্রিকার রিপোর্ট ইত্যাদি)…

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The Doctrine of Universal Jurisdiction: A Literature Review

Butler, A Hays


The Court lacks universal jurisdiction wherewithal to track down and try perpetrators of heinous crimes irrespective of their nationality and the place where they committed the crimes. The purpose of this article is to provide a resource that will assist scholars, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments as they begin establishing an integrated system for the prosecution of serious humanitarian crimes.…

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Think it Through, Benches is the Answer – A Legal and Strategic Analysis of the Government’s Stance on Setting up Additional Tribunals

International Crimes Strategy Forum(ICSF)


This position paper is based on an internal memorandum prepared by the ICSF in January 2012 to communicate the concerns of ICSF to Bangladesh Government and relevant stakeholders regarding the Government’s plan that involved setting up additional Tribunals under the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973 to speed up the justice process. The memo was provided confidentially to the Prime Minister’s Office, Minister and State Minister of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Office of the Chief Prosecutor of the International Crimes Tribunal, National Human Rights Commission, the Bangladesh Law Commission, and Sector Commanders’ Forum among other stakeholders.…

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Dictionary of Genocide: A-L

Totten, S, Bartrop, P R, and Jacobs, S L


Over 600 terms identify and explain the history and suffering of ethnic and religious groups experiencing genocide throughout the world. The people, places, governments, agencies, documents, legal terms, and all other aspects of genocide are defined for new students and scholars alike.…

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Archive I: Media Archive

Archives news reports, opinions, editorials published in different media outlets from around the world on 1971, International Crimes Tribunal and the justice process.

Archive II: ICT Documentation

For the sake of ICT’s legacy this documentation project archives, and preserves proceeding-documents, e.g., judgments, orders, petitions, timelines.

Archive III: E-Library

Brings at fingertips academic materials in the areas of law, politics, and history to facilitate serious research on 1971, Bangladesh, ICT and international justice.

Archive IV: Memories

This archive records from memory the nine-month history of 1971 as experienced and perceived by individuals from all walks of life.