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The Chief Prosecutor vs. Md Abdul Jabbar Engineer

International Crimes Tribunal-1 (ICT-1)


ICT-BD Case No.01 OF 2014

Keywords : Abdul Jabbar, Crimes Against Humanity, International Crimes Tribunal, আব্দুল জব্বারLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : ICT-BD Judgments and OrdersUploaded By : Rayhan RashidUpload date : Tuesday, 24 February 2015…

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The Chief Prosecutor Vs Moulana Abdus Sobhan

International Crimes Tribunal-2 [ICT-2]


ICT-BD [ICT-2] Case No. 01 of 2014

Keywords : Abdus Sobhan, Crimes Against Humanity, International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973, International Crimes TribunalLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : Case Law, ICT-BD Judgments and OrdersUploaded By : Rayhan RashidUpload date : Wednesday, 18 February 2015…

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Crimes Against Humanity in Bangladesh

Niall Macdermot


Internation Lawyer

The article is based on an address by the author to the American Bar Association Section of International Law on August 16, 1972, San Francisco. In April 1972, the author paid a visit to Bangladesh with two objects in view. The first was to obtain further information for the study which the staff of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) was preparing on the events of East Pakistan in 1971. It contains a summary of the events and an analysis of the legal implications from the point of view of Pakistani internal law, international penal law, the right of self-determination, the role of UN, and the role of India. The second object was to seek to persuade the Government of Bangladesh that if, as stated, they are to bring to trial senior Pakistani Generals and Officials on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, they should do so under international penal law before an international tribunal.…

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Genocide Politics and Policy: Conference Remarks

Madeline Morris


Volume: 32 Issue: 1
Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law

The Author claims that more is lost than is gained by emphasizing the distinction between genocide and crime against humanity of other types and defends his claims in this paper.…

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Atrocities Against Humanity during the Liberation War in Bangladesh: A Case of Genocide

Wardatul Akmam


Journal of Genocide Research

This article is concerned with the atrocities against humanity performed by the West Pakistani rulers and army during the war of secession in Bangladesh (former East Pakistan). Many intellectuals and journalists consider these atrocities as genocide. However, it cannot always be termed as genocide, if we strictly follow the definitions given by authoritative scholars in this field. The principal aim here is to show that the massacre in Bangladesh (1971) was genocide, considered in terms of two criteria—“victim group” and “intent.” An acceptable de nition of genocide should be liberal in terms of both criteria; it should include as victim group all kinds of recognizable groups.…

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Defining Rape Internationally: A Comment on ‘Akayesu’

Catharine MacKinnon


Volume: 44 Issue: 3
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law

MacKinnon takes us inside the workings of nation-states, where the oppression of women defines community life and distributes power in society and government. She takes us to Bosnia-Herzogovina for a harrowing look at how the wholesale rape and murder of women and girls there was an act of genocide, not a side effect of war. She takes us into the heart of the international law of conflict to ask–and reveal–why the international community can rally against terrorists’ violence, but not against violence against women. A critique of the transnational status quo that also envisions the transforming possibilities of human rights, this bracing book makes us look as never before at an ongoing war too long undeclared. This Chapter of her book looks at Rwanda’s ‘Akayesu’ case as decided in the ICTR. This case expressly defined rape under international law for the first time.…

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The Intent to Destroy Groups in the Genocide Convention: The Proposed U.S. Understanding

Lawrence LeBlanc


Volume: 78
The American Journal of International Law

Though everyone agrees that Genocide is a crime, proponents and opponents of ratification of of the convention by the US have been engaged in a in debate over the the meaning of the phrase “intent to destroy, in whole or in part” . The problem lies in the interpretation of the two parts of the phrase. The author describes both side of the story in this article.…

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