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রাজশাহীতে মুক্তিযুদ্ধে ব্যবহৃত ৪১ রাউন্ড গুলি উদ্ধার

রাজশাহীর তানোর উপজেলার চান্দুরিয়া ইউনিয়নের একতারপুর গ্রামে শনিবার বিকেল ৫টার দিকে ১৯৭১ সালের মুক্তিযুদ্ধে ব্যবহৃত ৪১ রাউন্ড থ্রি-নট-থ্রি (.৩০৩) রাইফেলের গুলি উদ্ধার করেছে পুলিশ। তানোর থানার ভারপ্রাপ্ত কর্মকর্তা (ওসি) আবুল হাশেম বাংলানিউজকে জানান, শনিবার সকাল থেকে উপজেলার চান্দুরিয়া ইউনিয়নের একতারপুর গ্রামের আবদুল জব্বারের মজা পুকুরে খননের সময় শ্রমিকরা পুকুরের মধ্যে বাধা অবস্থায় শক্ত বস্তু দেখে…

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Wrapping Up the War

In a mood of restrained jubilation and cautious hope, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladesh officials settled down last week to tackle the immense logistical problems posed by a new peace settlement that affects the whole subcontinent. After 19 days of hard bargaining in Islamabad and New Delhi, India and Pakistan agreed—with Bangladesh concurrence—that 1) 90,000 Pakistani…

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SOUTH ASIA: The Forgotten Hostages of Peace

EVER since the end of the Indo-Pakistani war in December 1971, a true peace settlement on the subcontinent has been blocked by disagreement over what to do with three groups of political hostages, totaling more than 500,000. > India is the increasingly unwilling custodian of 90,000 Pakistani prisoners of war, whose upkeep so far has…

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BANGLADESH: Not Yet Shonar Bangla

THE “Voice of Thunder,” as it became known in the pre-independence days of Free Bangladesh Radio, rolled across the multitude squatting on the dry yellow grass of the Dacca race course. “If the people of Bangladesh don’t want me to contest the elections, then I don’t want to sit in the National Assembly. Any one…

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BANGLADESH: Not Yet a Country

At 5:30 a.m. last Sunday, the city of Dacca resounded with the thunder of a 31-gun salute that marked the beginning of Bangladesh’s first independence day. A year and a day earlier, on March 25, 1971, Pakistan had launched its military crackdown against rebellious East Bengal, which led to the brief, bloody war between India…

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BANGLADESH: Mujib’s Road from Prison to Power

TO some Western observers, the scene stirred thoughts of Pontius Pilate deciding the fates of Jesus and Barabbas. “Do you want Mujib freed?” cried Pakistan President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, at a rally of more than 100,000 supporters in Karachi. The crowd roared its assent, as audiences often do when subjected to Bhutto’s powerful oratory. Bowing…

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Archive I: Media Archive

Archives news reports, opinions, editorials published in different media outlets from around the world on 1971, International Crimes Tribunal and the justice process.

Archive II: ICT Documentation

For the sake of ICT’s legacy this documentation project archives, and preserves proceeding-documents, e.g., judgments, orders, petitions, timelines.

Archive III: E-Library

Brings at fingertips academic materials in the areas of law, politics, and history to facilitate serious research on 1971, Bangladesh, ICT and international justice.

Archive IV: Memories

This archive records from memory the nine-month history of 1971 as experienced and perceived by individuals from all walks of life.


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