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A reputation at risk

Published/Broadcast by : The EconomistDate : Wednesday, 24 February 2016Author : Published at (city) : LondonCountry concerned : Afghanistan, United Kingdom, United StatesKeywords : Amnesty International, Gita SahgalLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : NewsSource : : Amnesty International and jihad A reputation at risk The weightiest human-rights outfit has waded into a moral quagmire Mar…

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Amnesty International: some alliances are more impartial than others

Published/Broadcast by : Open DemocracyDate : Wednesday, 24 February 2016Author : RAHILA GUPTAPublished at (city) : LondonCountry concerned : United Kingdom, United StatesKeywords : Amnesty International, hizbut tahrirLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : NewsSource : : 13 March 2015 The recent furore surrounding Cage’s defence of ‘Jihadi John’ has reopened the debate on appropriate alliances…

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Rita Katz’s tweets

Date : Thursday, 22 October 2015Author : Rita KatzPublished at (city) : USACountry concerned : Bangladesh, United StatesKeywords : ISIS in Bangladesh, Rita KatzLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : BlogSource : : September 28, 2015 Breaking: #ISIS claims killing of Italian national Tavella Ceseara, an AISD employee, in #Bangladesh. Breaking: #ISIS claims killing of Italian…

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Henry Kissinger, dangerous fraud: Why he’s as responsible for Iraq and the Middle East as Vietnam

Published/Broadcast by : SalonDate : Sunday, 11 October 2015Author : Corey RobinPublished at (city) : New York, WashingtonCountry concerned : Bangladesh, United StatesKeywords : Henry Kissinger, Niall FergusonLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : ReportSource : : Two weeks ago, a mini-scandal rocked the New York literary world. Gawker revealedthat Andrew Roberts, the New York Times Book Review’s choice to review the authorized…

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Lobbying activities against the Bangladesh War Crime Trial in the USA – BNP, Cadman

Published/Broadcast by : Machranga Television ChannelDate : Tuesday, 8 September 2015Author : Miraj Ahmed Chowdhury, Reporter, Machranga TelevisionPublished at (city) : DhakaCountry concerned : Bangladesh, United Kingdom, United StatesRegarding alleged perpetrator : Abdul Quader Molla, Salahuddin Quader ChowdhuryRegarding Justice process : ICT-BD TrialsKeywords : Akin Gump, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Lobbying, Toby CadmanLanguage : Bengali,…

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Holocaust victims attack Google for putting Nazi death camps into virtual reality game

Published/Broadcast by : MirrorDate : Friday, 3 July 2015Author : Allan HallPublished at (city) : LondonCountry concerned : United StatesKeywords : Auschwitz, Google, holocaust, IngressLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : ReportSource : : Holocaust survivors have launched an attack on internet giant Google for putting Nazi death camps like Auschwitz into a virtual reality game.…

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ISIS and the Lonely Young American

Published/Broadcast by : The NY TimesDate : Saturday, 27 June 2015Author : RUKMINI CALLIMACHIPublished at (city) : New YorkCountry concerned : United StatesKeywords : Faisal Mostafa, Green Crescent, ISIS, Islamic State, Jihadi Recruitment, Online Recruitment by ISIS, Use of Social Media for RadicalizationLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : FeatureSource : : Alex, a 23-year-old Sunday…

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Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

Published/Broadcast by : The GuardianDate : Wednesday, 3 June 2015Author : Seumas MilnePublished at (city) : LondonCountry concerned : Iraq, Syria, UK, United Kingdom, United StatesKeywords : Declassified Document, Gulf States, ISIL, ISIS, Islamic State, Rise of ISIS, Terrorism, Western ForcesLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : OpinionSource : : The sectarian terror group won’t be…

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Declassified Documents: Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS

Date : Thursday, 28 May 2015Author : Carol AdlPublished at (city) : WashingtonCountry concerned : Syria, United StatesKeywords : barack obama, CIA, Declassified Documents, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), ISIL, ISIS trained by CIA, Islamic State, Judicial Watch, Syrian civil war, US Department of Defense, US State Department, YourNewsWire.comLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : NewsSource :…

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White House says Sony hack is a serious national security matter

Published/Broadcast by : Washington PostDate : Thursday, 18 December 2014Author : Ellen NakashimaPublished at (city) : WashingtonCountry concerned : North Korea, United StatesKeywords : Hacking, national security, North Korea, Skype, Sony, White HouseLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : ReportSource : :   The White House says a cyber attack on Sony is “being treated as…

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US: Sony Cyberattack is ‘Serious’ National Security Matter

Published/Broadcast by : VOADate : Thursday, 18 December 2014Author : William Gallo / Victor BeattiePublished at (city) : WashingtonCountry concerned : North Korea, United StatesKeywords : bangladesh, Hackers, national security, North Korea, Obama, Skype, SonyLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : ReportSource : : WASHINGTON— U.S. officials are treating a cyberattack on Sony Pictures as a “serious…

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America’s forgotten kindness in the Bangladesh war

Published/Broadcast by : Daily MailDate : Friday, 12 December 2014Author : Ajay MankotiaPublished at (city) : LondonCountry concerned : Bangladesh, United StatesKeywords : 1971, airlift, refugees, United StatesLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : ArticleSource : : The imposing US Air Force C – 141 Starlifter had me wonder-struck. This strategic and tactical behemoth, with its…

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