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যে কোনো দিন সাকার রায়

Author : সমকাল প্রতিবেদকSource :একাত্তরের মানবতাবিরোধী অপরাধে অভিযুক্ত বিএনপিদলীয় এমপি সালাহউদ্দিন কাদের চৌধুরীর বিচারের রায় যে কোনো দিন ঘোষণা করা হবে। গতকাল বুধবার উভয় পক্ষের চূড়ান্ত যুক্তিতর্ক উপস্থাপন শেষে রায় অপেক্ষমাণ সিএভি (কোর্ট অ্যাওয়েটিং ভারডিক্ট) রেখেছেন আন্তর্জাতিক অপরাধ ট্রাইব্যুনাল। বিচারপতি এটিএম ফজলে কবীরের নেতৃত্ব্বে তিন সদস্যের ট্রাইব্যুনাল-১-এ গতকাল এ মামলার বিচার কাজ শেষ হয়।…

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Voters need BNP to state its position on ICT

Author : Tribune EditorialSource :, whether supporters of the war crimes tribunals or not, have a right to be informed what attitude will be taken by the BNP alliance BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has been conspicuous in her silence by not commenting on the recent verdicts of the International Crimes Tribunal. Debate about 1971…

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Arab envoys meet Khaleda

Author : Staff CorrespondenSource : Dhaka-based ambassadors of Arab and Muslim countries on Wednesday night met BNP chief Khaleda Zia and discussed possible ways out of the current political crisis in Bangladesh. “We want the people of Bangladesh to live in peace and would like to see democracy strengthen in this country,” the envoys…

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Hefajat breaks BNP’s heart

Author : Shakhawat Liton and Rashidul HasanSource : at soft programme, main opposition decides not to support its hartal today Just a day’s hartal called by the Hefajat-e Islam appears to have upset the BNP, which wanted tougher action from the Islamist group to make April a turning point in the opposition alliance’s oust-govt…

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BNP differs with Jamaat

Author : Staff CorrespondentSource : 5, 2013 Staff Correspondent BNP does not support Jamaat-e-Islami’s demand for dismantling of the war crimes tribunals, the main opposition party’s coordinator Tariqul Islam said yesterday. “On this point, BNP does not bear any ideological resemblance to Jamaat,” Tariqul observed. He was talking to reporters at the party’s Nayapaltan…

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Molla sentenced to life in jail

Author : Staff CorrespondentSource : Staff Correspondent, The three-judge tribunal unanimously pronounced the verdict finding him guilty of murder and other serious crimes in a packed courtroom at the High Court premises in presence of Molla, who wore a gloomy look. Molla was indicted for six war crimes charges on May 28 last year…

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Jamaat is concerned

Author : Sumon MahmudSource : Sumon Mahmud A key ally of the main opposition BNP, Jamaat said that mentioning the party’s name and one of its leaders were only proof that the trials are politically motivated and that there was much pressure on the tribunals. The three-judge tribunal observed, in the judgement sentencing Abul…

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None can question war crime trial’

Author : Senior CorrespondentSource : Senior Correspondent The government has not compromised anywhere. And in future we will not make even a slight compromise. So there is no reason of fear,” she said speaking at a discussion where speakers apprehended that international pressure might jeopardize the trail process. The minister’s comment came in the…

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3 war crimes cases await verdict: Law Minister

Author : Source : Staff Correspondent, Published: 2013-01-17 16:57:25.0 Updated: 2013-01-17 16:57:25.0 Law Minister Shafique Ahmed on Thursday said three of the ongoing cases at the two International Crimes Tribunals are awaiting verdict. Several prosecutors at the ICTs, led by Chief Prosecutor Ghulam Arieff Tipoo, met the Minister at the Secretariat to inform him on the progress…

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ICT snubs six pleas of Sayedee

Author : Tanim AhmedSource : Tanim Ahmed,  Assistant Editor Published: 2013-01-14 13:11:55.0 Updated: 2013-01-14 13:11:55.0 The first war crimes tribunal on Monday rejected six applications of Jamaat-e-Islami leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee saying that they had no merit. The tribunal also noted that some of the applications had been earlier disposed of. The three-judge International Crimes Tribunal-1, set up…

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ICT asks Ziauddin to explain role

Author : Source :, Jan 3 (– The International Crimes Tribunal-2 on Thursday asked Ahmed Ziauddin, an international law expert living in Belgium, to explain his role over the alleged Skype conversation with former ICT-1 chairman Justice Mohammad Nizamul Huq. In a suo moto rule, the three-member tribunal headed by Justice Obaidul Hassan also…

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War crimes trials not taking place properly: Khaleda

Author : Source : Dhaka, Dec 26 (—The BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has alleged that the government was not properly conducting the war crimes trials, which, she said, could be ‘transparent and just ‘. “The relatives of the prime minister and the people in the government who cooperated with Pakistan should also be tried.…

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