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Lobbying activities against the Bangladesh War Crime Trial in the USA – BNP, Cadman

Published/Broadcast by : Machranga Television ChannelDate : Tuesday, 8 September 2015Author : Miraj Ahmed Chowdhury, Reporter, Machranga TelevisionPublished at (city) : DhakaCountry concerned : Bangladesh, United Kingdom, United StatesRegarding alleged perpetrator : Abdul Quader Molla, Salahuddin Quader ChowdhuryRegarding Justice process : ICT-BD TrialsKeywords : Akin Gump, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Lobbying, Toby CadmanLanguage : Bengali,…

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ICSF’s instant reaction to Geoffrey Robertson QC’s report | Al-Jazeera

Published/Broadcast by : Al JazeeraDate : Tuesday, 17 February 2015Author : ICSFPublished at (city) : LondonCountry concerned : Bangladesh, Turky, United KingdomRegarding Justice process : ICT-BD TrialsKeywords : Doughty Chambers, Geoffrey Robertson, IDHR, Toby CadmanLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : Critical Positions, ICSF in the Media, VideosSource : : Dr Rayhan Rashid presents ICSF’s instant…

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Kamaruzzaman: International Defence Team’s Press Release

Published/Broadcast by : Other WebsitesDate : Tuesday, 4 November 2014Author : Toby CadmanPublished at (city) : LondonCountry concerned : Bangladesh, United KingdomRegarding alleged perpetrator : Muhammad KamaruzzamanRegarding Justice process : ICT-BD TrialsKeywords : Mohammad Kamaruzzaman, Toby CadmanLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : Critical Positions, Press releaseSource : : MUHAMMAD KAMARUZZAMAN facing imminent execution: International Defence…

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Some inconvenient facts for the critics of Bangladesh ICT

Published/Broadcast by : The Daily StarDate : Tuesday, 24 December 2013Author : Professor M Rafiqul IslamPublished at (city) : DhakaCountry concerned : BangladeshRegarding Justice process : Cambodia Trial, ICC Trials, ICT-BD Trials, Yugoslavia TrialKeywords : Prof Rafiqul Islam, Toby CadmanLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : ArticleSource : : Critics often accuse the Bangladesh international crimes…

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Propaganda disguised as criticisms?

Published/Broadcast by : BD News 24Date : Thursday, 6 December 2012Author : Arman RashidPublished at (city) : DhakaCountry concerned : BangladeshRegarding Justice process : ICT-BD TrialsKeywords : Chief Prosecutor of Guantanamo Trials, Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes of War Education Project, criticizing the ICT, fundamentalist Islamist political party, half-truths, International Crimes Strategy Forum (ICSF), Jamaat-e-Islami, The…

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Toby Cadman: A crusader for rights or devil’s advocate?

Published/Broadcast by : BD News 24Date : Monday, 3 December 2012Author : Shah Ali FarhadPublished at (city) : DhakaCountry concerned : BangladeshRegarding Justice process : ICT-BD TrialsKeywords : Lawer Toby, Mr. Cadman, Toby, Toby CadmanLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : News, UncategorizedSource : : Shah Ali Farhad, lawyer, lecturer, blogger, activist and campaigner for 1971…

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Are Cadman’s concerns for Bangladesh justified?

Published/Broadcast by : Saudi GazetteDate : Wednesday, 14 November 2012Author : Dr. Ali Al-GhamdiPublished at (city) : JeddahCountry concerned : BangladeshRegarding Justice process : ICT-BD TrialsKeywords : Amnesty International, Awami League, bangladesh, Crimes Against Humanity, flagrant violation, Human Rights Watch (HRW), International Crimes Tribunal (ICT), political vendetta, restriction in defense witness, sheikh hasina, Sheikh Mujibur…

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‘Executions preordained in Bangladesh war crimes trial’

Published/Broadcast by : Saudi GazetteDate : Tuesday, 23 October 2012Author : -Country concerned : BangladeshRegarding Justice process : ICT-BD TrialsKeywords : Toby Cadman, war criminal trialLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : News, UncategorizedSource : : JEDDAH — Eminent British lawyer Toby Cadman, who is representing five Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami leaders accused of committing international crimes during…

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Jamaat out to rope in foreign lawyers again

Published/Broadcast by : BD News 24Date : Friday, 27 July 2012Author : Suliman NiloyPublished at (city) : DhakaKeywords : Crimes Against Humanity, Delwar Hossain Sayedee, foreign lawyers, International Crimes Tribunal, Jamaat chief Matiur Rahman Nizami, Jamaat-e-Islami, John Cammegh, liberation war in 1971, Muhammad Abdul Quader Molla, muhammad kamaruzzaman, secretary-general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed, Steven Kay…

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The international criminal court’s many flaws can’t simply be glossed over

Published/Broadcast by : The GuardianDate : Thursday, 28 June 2012Author : Toby CadmanPublished at (city) : LondonCountry concerned : Congo, Kenya, UKRegarding Justice process : ICC TrialsKeywords : Africa, ICC, Toby CadmanLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : Article, UncategorizedSource : : Thursday 28 June 2012 19.35 BST In the eyes of many Africans, the ICC…

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Sunday Telegraph Article by Andrew Gilligan on Bangladesh War Crimes – My Full Response To Questions

Date : Sunday, 15 April 2012Author : Toby CadmanCountry concerned : Bangladesh, United KingdomRegarding alleged perpetrator : Chowdhury Mueen-UddinKeywords : Andrew Gilligan, Toby CadmanLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : Opinion, UncategorizedSource : : The letter below was sent following a request to respond to allegations against Mr. Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin. Part of my response was printed…

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Press Conference of Jamat in USA at National Press Club

Published/Broadcast by : YouTubeDate : Tuesday, 27 March 2012Author : Published at (city) : WashingtonCountry concerned : BangladeshRegarding alleged perpetrator : Motiur Rahman NizamiKeywords : National Press Club USA, Toby CadmanLanguage : EnglishEntry Type : Press Conference, Uncategorized, VideosSource : : Uploaded By : Khan Muhammad…

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