PRESS PACKAGE: Key facts surrounding “SILENT GATHERING” Event Staged at the Global Summit

► Organised and Convened jointly by: Komola Collective and International Crimes Strategy Forum (ICSF)

► Staged on the 3rd day of the Global Summit, ie, on 12 June 2014, at the centre of the venue (ExCel) from 5:30-7:00 pm.

► Text carried/displayed by the protesters at the event:


What happened during the gathering? :


► Photographs

– here is the full photo album on Facebook, released from ICSF’s official page : link [Photo credit: Rajib Ahmed]

► Video of the event (Total time: 1 minute 47 seconds):

A compilation of clips, prepared by documentary film-maker Golam Rabbani and his colelague Anujit, who also joined the protest event. The clips were taken exclusively from the “Silent Gathering event” which was jointly ORGANISED by KOMOLA COLLECTIVE and ICSF. The protest event was staged from 5:30 to 7:00pm, on 12 June 2014, the 3rd day of the Global Summit to “End Sexual Violence Against Women in Conflict” at the centre of the summit venue.

► Background of the “Silent Gathering”:


► Call for the “Silent Gathering” with details of what the organisers had in mind:

link (Scroll down to get the details in Bengali)

► This is the briefing paper that preceded the Silent Gathering. Besides disseminating in full in the media, the briefing paper was also distributed to the delegates of the global summit in its close sessions. It was also distributed to the media at the scene, to the various civil society organisations and to the public who attended the 3 day summit.

– PDF version: download link

– Web version: link

► Further background to the Silent Gathering

These are the impressions we got from the global summit after being there at the venue and talking to delegates prompting us to convene the Silent Gathering:


Posters designed to display at the Summit

These posters, designed by Sam from Dhaka, were also displayed during the silent gathering:


Bangladesh Government’s position on the summit

. .. as expressed in one of the interviews at a London based TV channel (Channel S) by one of the delegates from the Foreign Ministry (Ms Saida Muna Tasnim, DG (UN), Foreign Ministry):

Link of the video clip as uploaded (by the reporter Tanvir Islam himself) on FB –

– <a href="https://www sildenafil tablets″ target=”_blank”>Link

[Courtesy: Komola Collective and ICSF]

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