How can you get active?


  1. Saikat Bhowmik Reply

    Wanna be a part of ICSF

  2. Sirajul Islam Reply


    I write to you after watching the documentary on Bangladesh liberation war. As a born beng

    1. Sirajul Islam Reply


      I write to you after watching the documentary on Bangladesh liberation war. As a born bengali I have always been interested in my countries history and feel that it is something, specially those of my generation brought up in non native land should be more educated about and learn from this dark period.
      I come across young people of bengali decent whom cannot even speak bengali, which saddens me deeply as lives were lost for the preservation of such aspects of our culture.
      Furthermore I find it absolutely astonishing that an official apology has never been issued by Pakistan.
      Though what is done cannot be undone, however healing of this period of history cannot begin without justice.

      I was unaware of your demonstration outside London Pakistani embassy last December, should I had known I would have joined you.
      Thus I ask you keep my details and if I can render any service to this organisation please do contact me by all means.
      At the moment I have alot of spare time, which I am happy to donate to this cause.

      Sirajul Islam
      Norwich Norfolk

  3. Against Radicals Reply

    I am deeply shocked and concerned about the terrorist attack in my Homeland! I afraid the continual raise of the beasts is a physical threat to our dear Dr. Jafar Iqbal and all the people who hates and speaks against radicals. I want start writing against this. I would like to know how to get involved through this institution to start writing.

    Thank you,
    Against Radicals

  4. Farzana Afroz Angelia (Rose) Reply

    How can I get active ICSF ?
    How can I get log up side ?
    Please Hon. Member kindly inform me the instructions?

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