26 July, 2014 Rayhan Rashid

Thoughts on #SupportGaza campaign

(Embedded Facebook status) // Post by Rayhan Rashid. (Photo courtesy: Mission of Palestine) My name is Rayhan Rashid. I am a Bangladeshi living in Oxford, and I ‪#‎S…

20 March, 2014 Ahmed Ziauddin

The original sin: Justice for 1971 crimes

[Editor's note: this piece by Dr Ahmed Ziauddin was originally published in the The Daily Star on March 29, 2008. Link. It is our pleasure to be able to republish it here for our r…

21 January, 2014 Ahmed Ziauddin

Justice After Genocide: Ways To Deal With The Past

[Editor's Note: This seminal piece by Dr Ahmed Ziauddin was first published on 27 October 1997 at NFB, and republished now after almost 17 years, the strategies mentioned in the ar…

17 July, 2014 Ahmed Ziauddin

Naming The Names: Introducing The Pakistani War Criminals

[ICSF's Note: This piece by Dr Ahmed Ziauddin, a Member of International Crimes Strategy Forum (ICSF), was first published on 23 November 1999 at NFB, and now republished by ICSF a…

18 December, 2013 Shah Ali Farhad

1971 Bangladesh & Pakistan: Lets Debate History, Law and Politics h…

27 October, 2013 Omar Shehab

Even Jamaat’s official website admits collaborating in Genocide

Take a look at the following screenshot of Jamaat’s website: (Screenshot 1: download link) Regarding the genocide in 1971, the victims, and the role of principal perpetrator Pakis…

23 July, 2013 Omar Shehab

The missing links of the Bali abduction allegation

Author''s note: There is no question that the issue of Bali's safe return to his family is of paramount importance and the government of Bangladesh should do everything in its powe…

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