ICSF’s CALL FOR ACTION @ London Global Summit on Sexual Violence in Conflict

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This is a CALL FOR ACTION and also a CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS so that we can tell the stories of our “Birangonas” (the war heroines of 1971 Liberation War) before the world. As you already are aware: the London Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict (London, 10-12 June 2014) in its public sessions failed to provide appropriate space to the stories of sexual violence committed against Bengali girls and women during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. While we take exception to such exclusion, we feel it also is our responsibility to do our best to inform the participants and delegates of the summit that the sacrifices of Bengali girls and women during the war of 1971 were one of the goriest of the 20th century, and that there can be no ‘end to sexual violence in conflict’ until the global community recognises and redresses past atrocities meaningfully, even when they are four-decade old.

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1. ‘CITIZENS’ SILENT PROTEST’ EVENT (12 June 2014; 4:30-5:30pm):

First, we invite you to gather at the venue to join a citizens’ SILENT PROTEST for non-inclusion of the issue of sexual violence of 1971 against Bengali girls and women at the London Global Summit.

Date: 12 June 2014
Time: 4:30 – 5:30pm
Place: ExCel London (E16 1 DR; DLR: Custom House or Prince Regent). 

Your attendance is to demonstrate active support for the Birangonas of 1971 and also to remind the organisers of the summit that what they have resolved to ignore and forget, we have not. It is important that our protest is peaceful, and non-disruptive to the summit as there still are important issues that are being discussed and presented at the summit in its various proceedings, which we all wholeheartedly support, and which must not be disturbed under any circumstance.


Apart form the PROTEST event on the final day of the summit, we also have a number of initiatives and interventions planned for each day of the summit. Your participation in these initiatives will be most welcome as we are in need of a considerable number of volunteers in order to make an impact. 

Thank you.

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