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Response to Toby Cadman’s Facebook Response

This note is in response to a particular status of Toby Cadman which has been brought to my attention today. [here]. Through this status, Mr Cadman responded to an article I wrote on his role in defending Jamaat-E-Islami stalwarts currently being prosecuted at the International Crimes Tribunal (Toby Cadman: a Crusader for Rights or Devil’s…

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Propaganda disguised as criticisms?

While any criticism of ICT should be welcomed with an open mind, any baseless accusations only for the purpose of delegitimizing these proceedings in the eyes of the international community must be addressed fiercely through objectivity and substance. Anyone attempting to politicize these proceedings with false or misleading information are putting their own professional and personal integrity in question, more importantly, they are committing a bigger crime against humanity by not being forthcoming in joining this brave effort taken by a poor third world county seeking justice for the whole human race.…

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Archive I: Media Archive

Archives news reports, opinions, editorials published in different media outlets from around the world on 1971, International Crimes Tribunal and the justice process.

Archive II: ICT Documentation

For the sake of ICT’s legacy this documentation project archives, and preserves proceeding-documents, e.g., judgments, orders, petitions, timelines.

Archive III: E-Library

Brings at fingertips academic materials in the areas of law, politics, and history to facilitate serious research on 1971, Bangladesh, ICT and international justice.

Archive IV: Memories

This archive records from memory the nine-month history of 1971 as experienced and perceived by individuals from all walks of life.